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How we live on the Earth will have a huge impact on the development of a space faring civilization. Here are some videos that are designed to help us live well on the Earth.

  • Fuel
  • One Cow, One Man, One Planet
  • Fresh, The Movie
  • Tapped
  • The Pipe
  • King Corn
  • Back to Eden
  • Organic Gardening Made Easy" Lee O'Hara
  • Grow your own Vegetables" Cam Mather
  • Urban Permaculture" Geoff Lawton ( all the videos by Geoff Lawton have
    good info. )
  • Great Gardening tips" Steve Brookes"
  • DIY Aquaponics" Murray Hallams (all videos by Murray have been good )
  • Permaculture Aquaponics" Olomana Gardens
  • Organic Beekeeping Randy Sue
  • The Agro Rebel" Bertram Berhaag
  • Food Production Systems for a Backyard or Small farm" ( On Amazon )

Space Exploration[]

Space Exploration and development has been the subject of movies since the very beginning, both in Science Fiction and in documentary films about the actual efforts going on around the world.

Please help us build a list of these videos so we can share our vision of how the future will happen!

  • National Geographic TV: Living on the Moon (2009)
  • National Geographic TV: Mars, Making the New Earth